Cold store

chłodnia kozłowski wędliny

The cold store opened in March 2020 meets all the highest EU standards. The facility has a shock chamber with a capacity of 20 tons / day. The freezing process in the chamber takes place at -36°C.

The goods are stored in a cold store with a capacity of 634 pallet spaces. The facility uses a system of high storage mobile racks (rack height 9m). The room temperature is electronically monitored and recorded. In accordance with veterinary regulations, the goods are stored at a temperature below -18°C.

The cold store has been equipped with an integrated IT system of the WMS class for high-bay warehouses. This allows for constant control of all necessary data regarding the stored goods and their location. The facility also has a packing room and social facilities. The cold store is fenced, secured and monitored 24/7.

We provide services in the field:

  • storage of goods at temperatures below -18°C
  • freezing and freezing of goods in a shock chamber at the temperature of -36°C
  • document service, export documentation, reporting
  • palletizing, picking, labeling, repacking